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LIKE dissolves LIKE

on December 14, 2012

2nd grade students created potions in the lab made up of water(red) , corn oil(yellow), and rubbing alcohol(green).

Step 1:  slowly place them in layers: water on bottom, oil in the middle, and alcohol on top

the oil and water do not mix well because they are not alike chemically.   The alchohol sits on top of the oil because it does not mix well with oil either.  The density of all three liquids are also different.  Since water is the most dense, it sits on the bottom.

Step 2: mix the contents in the bottle.

oil, water, and alchohol mix together.  Inside the green liquid you can see different bubbles. Some students thought they were air bubbles, but with further investigation we realized it was the oil that would not mix with alchohol or water.

Step 3:  let the liquids settle again

oil and water do mix easily together because they are ALIKE chemically.   Oil and water are also more dense.  Oil floats to the top.  Now you have two layers.  Underneath is the alchohol and water.   The clear liquid above is the oil.

Chemists would describe this as like things chemically dissolve together


LIKE dissolves LIKE

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