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Feeding the Compost Bins

on December 19, 2012

4th graders began the year studying soil on their overnight trip to college settlement camp in Horsham, PA.   In the month of October, we  began to explore the garden soil in the courtyard adjacent to the fourth grade classrooms and the cafeteria.  We found tons of earthworms in the soil, which indicated rich and healthy soil in our garden.  We have set up an outdoor recycling bin near the garden outside the cafeteria and we are maintaining a worm bin in the classroom.   We take vegatable scraps from the cafeteria each week and toss the waste to be recycled in our two composters.  We hope to have rich and healthy soil from our composters to use in the campus gardens in the spring.

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One response to “Feeding the Compost Bins

  1. Anthony says:

    This is great work! I think it is fantastic that this is a project in school. We could always use more people recycling their food waste.

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