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Mineral Study Rocks!

on January 16, 2013

The second grade began their study of minerals today in the classroom.   We looked at a variety of common minerals and wrote down observations in the science notebook.  We tested the minerals for hardness and took a streak test with a porcelain plate.  Students observed the colors and wrote down important facts about each mineral.

minerals we tested:













Here are some pictures from the class:

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3 responses to “Mineral Study Rocks!

  1. Mrs. Eelman says:

    Second grade scientists “rock!”

  2. Hillary I. says:

    Did Lilah tell you about her brother’s huge mineral collection? I know that he’s shown it to her and explained a lot of different characteristics of some of the samples he has – I love the picture you have of her with the sulfur 🙂

    • ddelduca5 says:

      I love the picture of Lilah with the sulfur, too. What is cool is that she will be able to dive right into the chemistry later in lower school. I love how second graders have no fear of chemistry and science. Lilah has mentioned her brothers collection – that sounds great.

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