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Making Cool Fossils

on February 22, 2013

2nd grade students continued their study of fossils by creating a mold fossil with plaster of paris.  We took a piece of clay at the bottom of a small paper cup and made a mold using shells and plastic insects.   After pouring plaster of paris over the clay we waited for it to harden.  The next morning many second graders rushed down to the science room to see their fossils.  It was really cool.


a great web site describing the process of making your own fossils is found at

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3 responses to “Making Cool Fossils

  1. Andy Deitch says:

    Very cool! Thanks for showing us. Liked the pictures from Mexico too!

  2. Hillary I. says:

    Lilah’s fossil has a place of honor in one of the cupholders in our minivan right now 🙂 Thanks for doing this cool project with the kids!

  3. ddelduca5 says:

    The fossil lesson was a hit! I am so glad the fossil made it home and Lilah enjoyed the project.

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