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Making Mozzarella is Science

on February 25, 2013

Today 5th graders made homemade mozzarella cheese  in their science class.  We used raw milk that was made locally at a nearby farm.  The reaction was clearly a chemical change.  We added heat and an enzyme, rennet, to speed up the reaction.  We separted the curds and whey and heated the curds in a microwave until the cheese became hot and stretchy.  Students loved to handle the cheese and stretch it in their hands.  We ate the cheese at the end of class and added tomatoes and balsamic vinegar to the bowl to make a delicious dish.

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2 responses to “Making Mozzarella is Science

  1. Hillary I. says:

    That’s such a coincidence! About three or four weeks ago, we used vinegar to separate the milk into curds & whey & made a homemade cottage/ricotta cheese out of it. I love using cooking to teach science to my kids! If you do this again with fifth grade next year, you can ask Naomi about her experience with cheesemaking 🙂

  2. ddelduca5 says:

    That sounds interesting. I will definitely do the cheese next year with Naomi. I would love to try some other cooking lessons, too. The kitchen is a great place to find engaging science.

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