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Hunt or No Hunt in New Jersey?

on March 7, 2013

Black bears have been going into backyards in local New Jersey communities because of habitat loss and suburban growth in recent years. 5th grade students started research in the classroom to find out whether there should be a bear hunt in New Jersey each December.  The class was divided into five different groups, wildlife biologists, hunters, young family, land developers, and animal activists.  This week we split up into the different groups and read articles about the bear hunt.  We are using the role-play to discuss important steps in making a decision.  We are focusing on making a helpful frame, establishing clear values, and finding useful information.  Each group brainstormed creative alternatives to having a hunt in New Jersey each year.  The class will presenting their ideas in costume in a town hall meeting next week. 

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2 responses to “Hunt or No Hunt in New Jersey?

  1. Trina Vaux says:

    Dan —

    Do you know a book called “Coyote at the Kitchen Door” by Stephen DeStefano? Interesting overview of this topic.



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