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Marble Madness

on April 5, 2013

Today second graders played with balls and ramps.  3 stations were set up in the room.

In station #1 students tried placing different objects on a cardboard ramp and saw whether the item stayed in place, rolled, or slid down the ramp.

In station #2 we rolled cars, golf balls, and ping pong balls down a ramp.  We changed variables like the steepness of the ramp and the surface of the floor.  We found that the ball moved much slower on the carpet than on paper or the smooth table top.

In station # 3, we played with different tubes and marbles.  Students created a marble machine that slowed the ball down and changed the direction so it landed in a cup.

These are the science words we saw today in the lab:




here are pictures of students at work:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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