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Can you separate a mixture of sand and salt?

on April 16, 2013

4th Graders were able to separate sand and salt in the lab this week.  Students were given a small beaker of mixed salt and sand and asked if they could separate the two compounds, sand and salt.  One student suggested picking each grain out one at a time – but realized that would take too long.  We added water to to the sand/salt mixture.   Students mixed the salt water/sand mixture and poured it into a coffee filter.  We left the salt water and wet sand overnight on a petri dish.  Students were surprised to see dry sand and salt crystals left on the petri dish.  Mission accomplished.  4th grade students worked on trying to distinguish between the words “evaporate” and “dissolve, as sometimes they used the words interchangeably.

Check out the separated sand and salt the next day in the lab:

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