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Finding Insects at Rhoads Pond

on May 13, 2013

5th grade students were able to visit the Rhoads Pond at Bryn Mawr College today and found many different orders 0f insects.  Students have been creating an insect field guide for the Greek Laurel Project to end the year.  Since we were so close to a water source, we found lots of damselflies and true flies.  We found ants, bees, and true bugs living in the tall grasses surrounding the pond.  Students debated placing each insect in the correct order after making careful observations about the # of wings, size, movement, and shape.

Orders found today:

Odonata : dragonfly

Diptera : true fly

Hemiptera: true bug

Hymenoptera: bee and ant

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One response to “Finding Insects at Rhoads Pond

  1. Riri Dew says:

    I like you picture Cole

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