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Fore! ever freeze a golf ball?

on May 16, 2013

3rd grade students investigated the difference of temperature on the bounce of a golf ball.  We stored 6 golf balls in a freezer overnight to make them really cold.   We kept 6 golf balls at room temperature, acting as the warmer ball.  We dropped the ball from exactly 1 meter five different times.   After finding the average of each ball we found that the warm ball really bounced higher than the colder ball.  Students were able to explain that the molecules of the warmer golf ball were more spread out and moving faster.  As a result, the warmer golf ball bounced much higher than the cold golf ball.  Other variables of the bouncing ball  we explored were different kinds of balls and the difference surfaces, such as carpet and the hard table.

This lab was a great way to collect data and illustrate the difference between hot and cold molecules.

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