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Classic Bean Plant Data

on May 28, 2013

4th grade students took the classic kidney bean and tested different variables that might apply to our outdoor gardens.   Students tested the amount of water, the depth of the seed, the kind of soil, and the amount of light.   Students observed the bean plant grow dramatically over a two week period and recorded the data.  The class made bar graphs of the plant data and asked the following questions.

What variable was being tested?

What was the original hypothesis?

What plant grew the most?

Why ?

How might you improve the project design?

How can you apply what we learned to the garden?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

some surprises include:

plants can grow tall in the dark

patio soil doesn’t grow as well as the patio soil mixed with compost

more water helped the plant grow better

beans put on the surface grew better than the bottom

you can check out our students measuring and look at the graphs they created on Google Drive:


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