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Spinning EGGSperiment !

on May 29, 2013

Today we studied the motion of spinning objects.  I had the students spin a washer on a table and then play with some spinning toys like the gyroscope.  We discussed the forces involved in spinning motion.  After the introduction, the third graders compared a brown spinning egg and a white spinning egg.  I asked the students, ” Does color have an effect on the motion of a spinning egg?”   They saw a difference but were note convinced color had any thing to do with the change in the spin.

brown eggs spun fast

white eggs spun, but seemed slower and more wobbly

when you spin the brown egg and stop it with your finger it stops immediately.

If you spin a brown egg really fast, it spins upright like a TOP (the white egg did not do this)

when you spin a white egg and stop it with your fingers it keeps moving

I asked the students, “If it wasn’t color that made the difference, what is causing the change in motion?”

We cracked the eggs and looked inside to figure out the MYSTERY !

check out this video for an explanation of the two different spinning eggs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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