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Perfect Day for S’MORES

on May 31, 2013

As the temperature reached into the 90’s and the sun is now reaching the highest spot in the sky, our students thought they would take a try at making solar ovens.  My fifth graders designed solar ovens using 2 shoe boxes, a donut box, and 2 pizza boxes.  We used aluminum foil, dark tape, dark constructions paper, glue, a box cutter, plastic transparency pages, tinfoil, and a stick.  My fifth graders designed and created the boxes, while my 2nd graders learned about solar energy today by using the solar ovens.  2nd graders put the graham crackers and the marshmallows in the ovens and waited until their afternoon classes.  We enjoyed are s’mores during our classes this afternoon.  5th graders enjoyed a great engineering project and will try out their ovens next week.  Did somebody say S’MORES?  Sounds like Summer !

here is a great web site to get information about solar ovens:

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