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Theme of PEACE

on September 11, 2013



The Theme this year for the Shipley Lower School is Peace

Acts of Kindness, big and small, spread Peace throughout the world

In our first classes this year in Lower School Science, I had the students take a leaf and express their hopes and dreams for the Earth.   I placed all the leaves on a Peace Tree in the corner of the room to remind us of this year’s theme of PEACE.  We can make a difference in creating peace by many small acts of kindness.

Some students shared:

I hope that people start treating the environment better

don’t throw plastic away.  Recycle it!

People should use less water

I want to protect nature and all the animals and plants in it

I hope we can make the Chesapeake Bay cleaner

I wish people would stop using so much paper

I wish everyone would get along

Do as much as we can to keep the water and ocean clean

stop killing sharks, its not helping the world

we can help animals that can’t help themselves

I don’t want people to liter

save the endangered animals

I hope all the trees don’t get cut down

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