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What are Mealworms exactly?

on September 17, 2013

Second Graders began working in their science notebooks in science class today.  Students were each given a meal worm to observe and sketch.   The average measurement of the mealworm was around 2 cm or 20 mm long.  The mealworm had six legs and two antennae, so it was like an insect.  The squirmy movement and segments resembled a worm. One of the students recognized the hard shell on the outside of the animal.   We observed the behavior of the worms.  The mealworms liked to crawl under the shade of the notebook or underneath the slice of apple.  Sometimes the mealworm crawled into a ball.

Each worm is living in a cup and fed both oatmeal and fresh apples to keep the animal alive.  Each student loved naming their own worm for the project.

It’s a great introduction to notebook writing as they measure, sketch, and observe the mealworm to collect interesting data.

Check out the photos of our students at work in the lab:

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