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It’s Time to Migrate !

on October 3, 2013

3rd grade students were able to play the role of a bird and “act out” migration outdoors today in our science class.  Students paired up and had to read the numbered cards describing what to do next for their journey down south.   Many birds migrate south to find a better source of food, but will migrate back north in the spring to nest and raise their young.  Our students learned how challenging migration really was for birds, as they were able to see the journey through the eye of their favorite bird.   Only of few of our migrants made the journey successfully.  Students enjoyed the game so much we played it twice in the class period.  What a great fall day to have a campus migration.

our migrants experienced obstacles like:

freezes, oil spills, hurricanes, power lines, buildings, pesticides, rains showers, and habitat loss

our migrants experienced help on the journey like”

good winds, plenty of food, bird sanctuaries, bird feeders, and sunny skies

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