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3rd Grade Creek Walk at Fenimore Park

on October 17, 2013

Third grade students took a field trip to Fenimore Park today in Wayne, PA to launch their Viking ships they have been building in their classrooms this past week.  Students have been investigating the forces behind sinking and floating in science this week in class.  We took the opportunity to do a stream study with our students today.  Stream invertebrates are difficult to find, because the small aquatic creatures hide under rocks and leaves in the stream.  We brought some special equipment and microscopes to analyze the quality of the small stream.    We found a number of animals in the stream, including a scud, caddisfly larvae, and water bug.  We found the pH paper turned a light green when we placed it in the stream water, indicating a slightly basic pH.   Students felt the stream was healthy, but were concerned by the trash on the bank of the river.

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