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Awesome Trip to Echo Hill

on November 4, 2013

Fifth Grade Students spent 3 days on the Eastern shore of Maryland at the Echo Hill Outdoor School in the final days of October.   There were great classes including Bay Studies, Swamp Studies, Adventure 1, and Survival.   Watch the slide show of the trip below:

read some comments from students below:

I would give the trip a perfect “10” because I was able to explore the outdoors and learn so many different things
I loved the swamp hike when I got to jump on a root and it shook the whole swamp
It was very fun learning how to survive and build a fire.
I learned there were lots of insects in the swamp.  You just had to look closely.
There is nothing like eating around a fire at the beach
I would give the trip a score of “10” because it made me feel comfortable because of the students, counselors, teachers, and the surroundings.
I learned how much everybody likes nature.  I learned about how much SLOP people produce.
I liked to be free
It was cool that we got to make a fire and a shelter.
I felt so excited about the survival class and had never done this before.  I found a use for everything and took fewer things for granted.
It was very peaceful on the hayride.
I learned that people are very smart in different ways
 I gave the trip a “10” score because it made me braver than before.  I learned that I was a strong person.
I gave the trip a score of “10” because I thought it was so fun and I got to be with my friends whole having fun and learning.
I loved being with nature and we learned so much.
I really liked doing things with our group, like figuring things out (adventure 1)
I enjoyed building fires and walking in the woods.
I learned a lot.  I also surprised myself when I didn’t cry the second night.
I loved the boat ride, holding the crab and kissing the fish.
I was really fun looking at the ocean and cooking hotdogs.
 I loved the night hike because we got to cook popcorn.
The meals were awesome
I think that I now could survive alone in the wilderness after the survival class.
I loved talking to my tribe and cooking hotdogs.
I would rate the trip a “10” because I had so much fun
I loved all the food they made and all the songs and dances
I liked swimming with my dorm mates.
I learned to spend time with people I normally don’t.
I liked how it was beautiful with the leaves all changing colors
I learned a lot about the Chesapeake Bay and I learned I love the outdoors.

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