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Graphing Bird Beak Data

on November 4, 2013

3rd Graders took the data they collected last week for the Bird Beak Lab.  Students used three different tools ( tongs, tweezers, and spoon) to pick up three different objects (marbles, toothpicks, and pennies)  Each student made their own graph making sure to label the X and Y axis.  We made sure to give a clear title to the graph to clarify what data was being compared.

We found the following:
the spoon was best for collecting marbles
the tweezers were best for collecting pennies
the tongs were best for collecting toothpicks

Data may have varied since each student may have used a tool differently when collecting the objects from the tray.  We made graphs on single sheets of graph paper and large poster graph paper that we were able to display around the room.

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