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Thermodynamic Equilibrium

on December 2, 2013


2nd graders testing the laws of thermodynamic equilibrium

Today in science, 2nd graders measured the change of temperature in warm water, cold water, and room temperature water over a 30 minute period.   They found that the cold water got warmer during this time, while the warm water cooled down during this time.   The room temperature water stayed the same at about 20 degrees Celsius.    We discussed how the molecules of water speed up and spread out when heat is added to a system.  When going out to dinner, a hamburger may get colder, while a milkshake gets warmer over time.  At Thanksgiving dinner, the hot apple pie will cool down at the same time the ice cream on top is melting.  This lab was a nice introduction to thermodynamic equilibrium.  Graphing the data will make an interesting line graph.

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