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Frigid Weather Experiments

on January 8, 2014

The PK classroom next to the science room decided to embrace the chilling temperatures and conduct an interesting investigation.  The students wanted to know weather a small cup of water would freeze first in the freezer indoors or in the frigid temperature in the teens outdoors.  The small cups of water froze outside faster than the cups placed in the freezer.  My fifth grade students added another variable to the experiment.  We wanted to know if salt would slow the freezing of water outdoors and in the freezer.  The temperature was not as cold later in the day, so we found the freezer froze the cups just as quickly as the cups left outdoors.  Students found quite a difference in the regular water which froze straight through and the salt water that was a slushy mess and not quite frozen.  Thanks to the PreK students for inspiring our older students to experiment in the frigid weather.

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