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The Incredible Shrinking Egg

on April 22, 2014

Our fifth grade class did a number of experiments exploring the different cells of plants.  We looked at the stomates under the microscope and completed the classic CELERY experiment with salt water and regular water.  Students were surprised to find that the stalk in the salt water shrunk and became limp, while the stalk in the freshwater stayed fresh and firm.  The OSMOSIS EGG-SPERIMENT is a great way to see how the water moves in and out of the cell.  Water travels by passive diffusion from an area of higher to lower concentration.

Day 1 – egg width 15 cm – vinegar breaks down the shell

Day 2 – egg width 16 cm – water outside helps the cell grow – food dye travels inside the egg

Day 3 – egg width 19 cm – egg is placed in karo syrup to help it shrink

Day 4 – egg width 12 cm – egg shrinks because more water is inside the egg than outside

Day 5 – egg width 16 cm – egg placed in water grows again to original size


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