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Innovation – different helicopter designs

on September 29, 2014

Students in third grade found ways to create innovative designs to make a paper helicopter go slower and go faster by adding different variables to a successful design.  To slow the helicopter, some students added a large base to the bottom of the copter to create more air resistance.  Some students added extra propellers, increasing the spin of the copter and slowing the speed of the descent. Another group made thicker wings on the design to slow the helicopter down.  To speed the copter, the students added paper clips to the design and created a smaller wedge shaped base to decrease air resistance.  We are using this experience to inspire the students to make their own windmills in the next few weeks.

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One response to “Innovation – different helicopter designs

  1. Ran says:

    What fun! All sorts of principles in motion here. I like this project a lot.

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