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Theme of Sustainability

on September 29, 2014


This year’s Lower School Character Education Theme is Sustainability.  Each Class is taking on the challenge of finding different ways to care for our selves, others, and our environment.  In science we will continue to work on different ways to appreciate our environment and be more sustainable as a community.  Some projects this year will include:

2nd grade: planting more native  plants on campus that attract butterflies and insects, journey north’s symbolic monarch migration, watching the life cycle of a meal worm, investigating properties of water, exploring rocks and minerals, and studying the desert habitat of the Southwest United States.

3rd grade: investigating the air resistance using paper helicopters and sails, constructing a windmill and harnessing energy from the wind, studying and identifying different birds on campus, studying different ocean animals: turtles, whales, and sharks, designing our own solar ovens using energy from the sun, designing our own garden with native plants that attract local birds and insects.

4th grade: designing our cafeteria space, studying worms in the garden and our compost bins on campus,  studying soil on the campus,  designing and creating a working rain garden in the cafeteria courtyard, innovation in parachute designs and inventions.

5th grade: participating in a year long local stream study of the Mill Creek, understanding food webs, food chains, and energy pyramids, comparing the flow of energy to the cyclic flow of matter in the ecosystem, innovation and design, classifying different orders of insects.


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