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The Thrill of Victory . . . The Agony of Defeat: Innovation !

on October 22, 2014

Our Fifth Graders had a great time designing domino creations to begin their first Innovation Day of the year.  Students have been using the dominoes as a model for the Energy that travels through a food web.    In my video of the class, I included some of the mistakes and disappointments along the way, as they are a vital part of design, innovation, and engineering.

Some student reflections:

Aly “Creating the Domino Chains were a lot like the Little Bit projects last year in fourth grade.   You had lots of mistakes and frustration before coming up with the final successful idea.  This is how science and engineering works”

Liv: “The project was a lot of hard work.  We had to use lots of books out in the hallway and part the chain into two branches.  We had fun.”

Hannah: ” I learned about being patient and cooperative with my group.”

Ben: “I was frustrated at first because my chain fell down and I had to start over again since someone bumped my table by accident.  But it was also really fun and I learned a lot.”

Alexa: “It was really fun. and it was also frustrating because people kept knocking down the dominoes. It was really fun working with my friends and trying different designs.”


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