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5th Graders Reflect about Echo Hill Trip

on November 5, 2014

The Fifth Grade has been having good discussions in science class about what they learned at Echo Hill last week.  The trip was a nice mix of play, fun, and experiential outdoor education.

Here is what the students learned:

I learned the Swamp is 7 – 9 feet deep and if you fall in it is very cold – Kaitlyn

The Swampoline is bouncy because the roots of the tree.  Since the water is surrounding the roots of the tree, the roots got moist and bouncy. – Carter

I learned that the Bay used to be clear and had thousands of Oysters. – Willow

If there is too much algae in the Bay, plants will not get sunlight and then they will die. -Rita

A watershed is like a bowl.  The water eventually reaches the bottom bowl.  The bottom of the bowl is the Chesapeake Bay. – Armaan

I learned that lots of swamps and marshes are dissapearing because people think that they’re just open empty spaces, so they build buildings on them. – Kaitlyn

I made a connection with the food web when we played a game basically about the food web. – Sarah C

I learned a swamp used to be a marsh. – Peyton

Scanoeing was so much fun!  The swamp was so interesting! I took 95 pictures! – Vanessa

The Chesapeake Bay watershed is similar to ours (Delaware River) – Emily

I learned to be resourceful. – Erik

Survival Class was amazing.  We made our own shelter and fire.  – Niels

I learned more about the food web and about how the eels play such a big part in the cycle. – Alexander

My best memory of the trip was getting stuck in the mud – Asher



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