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Taking the Paper Clip Challenge

on November 8, 2014

Second Graders have been exploring properties of water in science.  This week we took the paper clip challenge.  Students were given a tray with a beaker of water, a paper clip, tweezers, and a small piece of a paper towel.   Students struggled with getting the paper clip to float until they recognized the paper towel had something to do with the solution.   Some tried to place the small piece of paper towel under the paperclip.  The paper towel absorbed the water and sunk to the bottom.  The paper clip stayed on the top of the water due to surface tension.  Making good observations allowed the students to realize the paper towel had something to do in solving the problem.  Everyone was so proud of figuring out the puzzle at the end of class.

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One response to “Taking the Paper Clip Challenge

  1. Marian Roche says:

    Mr. delDuca, your lessons encourage exploration and discovery in an atmosphere that values “mistakes”. I can see why my students can’t wait for science class and return to the classroom chattering about what they learned!

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