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Shadow Study on a Blustery Day

on November 18, 2014

Second Graders took their November shadow measurements on a chilly and windy day.  Luckily students brought their hats, gloves, jackets, and scarves to school because it was cold. Students originally asked the question whether shadows grow or shrink as we get closer to winter.  We have made measurements at the same time of day in September, October, and November this year.  We measured the shadow with human steps and with measuring tape.  One of our students even tried measuring the length of stick each month to see if there was any change.  A student recommended today that we form a human chain from the start and finish to measure the length of the shadow.  It was so cold out that students recommended maybe trying that idea out in the spring.   Students realized the shadows were getting larger as the sun in the late fall  is lower in the sky.  Students first made a claim and now the evidence has supported that claim.  Go second grade scientists !photo-1



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