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Innovation Projects Promote Important Life Skills

on January 12, 2015

Students in fifth grade science are finishing their innovation projects this month. Students have been designing, building, and constructing their own knowledge in the classroom.   Students have been encouraged to explore and learn from their mistakes in these projects.

examples of some student responses to the question below:

What did you learn from doing this project and having this time?

I loved Innovation Day because I love to be allowed to just create anything I want! It was really fun even when my project wasn’t working, I loved trying new things and experimenting with them.

Sometimes things wouldn’t work and we tried fixing them and they didn’t work out and then my group got stuck and then it wasn’t fun anymore and so its sometimes difficult to do.

I need to have a lot of patience and I have to keep trying when something does not work.

I learned that by working together you can accomplish anything.

I learned that some scientist go through days of doing nothing but they never give up so I shouldn’t either even though I really want to. You have to plan in everything you do.

I learned that you have to work as a group, and as a team. When someone made a mistake or we argued about ideas, we always found a way to compromise.

Scientists fail all the time and you just have to keep trying.

I learned from this project that you can do anything you want if you try!

I asked students to check three of the character traits they used in their innovation project and here are the results I found:

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 2.27.19 PM

I then ask students to answer the question below:

Choose one of the character traits from above and explain how it related to your innovation project

Imagination is very important to my project because if I had never thought outside of the box, my project would not be the same.

When I was organized, I got a lot done. I knew where all my materials were and what my plan for the class was.

You need effort because if your machine does not work you need to have effort to keep on trying.

Pride in work related because I failed once or twice but I started to take pride in my work and succeeded

When things did not work, I needed to persevere and be resourceful.


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