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active adventures in lower school science

Designing Some Dough

on April 17, 2015

3rd Graders worked for a number of weeks to make the perfect recipe for high quality Play Dough.  Students had to make their own recipe to improve a low quality playdough we tested in the lab.   In the process, students needed to learn from their mistakes and problem solve.  Some of the third graders had some great comments about the engineering process.

There is a 99.99% chance you will not get it right the first time.

Its important to measure the right way

Don’t use too much water and add more flour

You usually don’t get it right the first time

If you mess up, it doesn’t matter.  You need patience.

You need to add some things and take away some things

Keep trying even if you fail horribly

Three important things I learned are patience, thinking, and staying calm

We learned that scientists, engineers, and all people can learn from mistakes and failure to be successful and find solutions to a problem


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