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on October 6, 2015

The Shipley Fourth Grade students had an awesome time braving the elements at the Horsham Outdoor School last week. The Horsham Outdoor School promised an EPIC trip in the cold and rain and they certainly delivered. On the overnight, students worked  together to problem solve and work together on team challenges.  Students took outdoor classes like stream studies and visited the organic farm on the college settlement campus.  Students, faculty, and staff were not deterred by the cold and wet weather. On the last day in the pouring rain, over twenty students chose the outdoor fishing activity – even catching some fish!  One of the highlights of the trip was a spontaneous costume dance party in the dining hall.  The fourth grade students were great sports who mixed perseverance, hard work, and fun together to make a most memorable experience.

Here are some quotes from students about the trip:

I learned more people is better than just me.

Campfire skits were fun and wet.

What surprised me about the dorms was it looked small and uncomfortable, but then I actually fell asleep and it became comfortable.

I learned that hiking is very relaxing, even in the rain.

I ate a lot of pears that fell off of a tree.

What interested me about the challenges was that the challenges were hard at the beginning, when we had no strategy.  It was hard but when we had a good strategy it was much easier.

The wall looked impossible, but it was actually not that hard.

I learned that teamwork works the best.

I went to an organic farm. I learned that a lot of stuff that doesn’t look very edible actually is.

I had a very good bunkmate and we are friends now.


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