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Taking Risks and Making Mistakes are important Steps in Innovation

on November 6, 2015

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3rd Grade students designed windmills in our new maker space this week.  We first tested different materials like paper, felt, wax paper, and wood.  We experimented with different shapes and sizes.  We measured the success of our design by seeing how many washers the windmill could lift using the wind power supplied by a fan.  It was great to see the wide variety of designs.  Some designs has multiple number of blades – like two, four, and twelve.  The most unlikely design of craft sticks held together like a raft lifted over 20 washers in a cup.  The first try was not always successful, but students learned through determination and trail and error how to produce a successful windmill.  I was impressed with the wide variety of ways to solve this problem.  The creative energy was alive and well in the Lower School Maker Space.   Well done, third grade !

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