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Stream Study after the January Blizzard

on January 27, 2016

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5th Grade students tested the Mill Creek to see if there was any changes due to the recent blizzard last weekend.  We gathered the sample of water near Ashbridge Park by the side of the Bryn Mawr School of Social Work parking lot.   The clear stream was moving faster and seemed higher than the last time we visited the stream a few months ago.  We recorded the following data after bringing the water back to the classroom.

air temp – 5 C   water temp – 3 C

current weather – cloudy skies

Nitrate – 2 ppm

pH – 7.5

Chloride – 600 mg/L

Dissolved Oxygen – 7 ppm


We found the chloride level to be particularly high for the stream.  This can be explained by all the salt that accumulated in the stream after the winter storm.  All the salt from the roads enters the watershed into our local streams.  Looking forward to measuring data for the month of February – wonder if we’ll get more snow?



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