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Little Pig Design Challenge

This week our kindergarten students were presented with a design challenge.  They needed to choose materials and design a house that the pig could live in safely.  If the big bad wolf (AKA hairdryer) were to come to the house, the building design should be able to withstand 30 seconds of a hair dryer blowing at high speed. We discussed the importance of having a roof, four walls, and a strong foundation. We used a variety of materials including legos, paper, cardboard, foam, aluminum foil, craft sticks, wax paper, wooden rods, plastic cubes, and pipe cleaners.  The houses are almost finished.  Next week we add some finishing touches and test their strength with a hair dryer.  We can’t wait!.

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Crow and the Pitcher

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The Kindergarten had a fun STEM lesson using the familiar Aesop’s fable of the Crow and the Pitcher.  Students predicted which object would make the water displace higher after dropping 10 of each object into a graduated cylinder. The competition was as follows;

#1 glass aquarium rocks

#2 pennies

# 3 silver washers

The difference in the amount of displacement had to do with the weight, size, and shape of the material. The material the object is made of also determines how much water is displaced. The crow used the many qualities of a scientist and engineer which included never giving up, being resourceful, and embracing a challenge.

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